The first thing you will need is boxes for your move. Boxes will come in all shapes and sizes, but to make your move easier you should purchase good quality uniform size boxes and tape.

We recommend U-Haul boxes and tape as they are very good quality and if you purchase in bulk you can get discounted prices. Contact us and we can recommend a good location for you to get your boxes from.

If you would like Moving By Marcus to do the packing for you please give us a call so we can discuss our services in better detail and give you a better estimate for your moving needs.

Use regular small sized boxes for heavy items and larger boxes for bulky light weight items. You don’t want to load a large box with real heavy items and take a chance on the box ripping apart or making it too heavy to handle.

Using regular size boxes will help with the efficiency in which we can carry and load these boxes in to your moving truck, making sure we can maximize the moving truck space as we load your items.

If you pack and tape your boxes properly you will make your moving experience much easier with much less chance of your items getting damaged and it will speed up the moving process reducing your labor costs.

Bags are a great way to pack clothing, soft toys, and bedding. Make sure if you are using garbage bags for these items you need to label each bag in a way that it doesn’t get mistaken for trash.

Items with edges or heavy items would be better packed in to a box because if put in a bag it could rip the bag and take more time to re-pack your items.

While packing, it’s important to maximize space – and pack your largest items first, and fill space around them. Books are the easiest to pack, use small boxes with handles if possible to make the book box easy to carry. Other odd shaped and awkward things such as dishes and ornaments and other items are the worst to pack, and should go in boxes with good padding or wrapping paper around the fragile items.

Label all of your boxes and bags carefully and well. This will make it much easier for you to find and sort your items after they are unloaded in your new home. If using bags, we recommend getting a different color or style bag for your items so they don’t get mixed up with a regular garbage bag that you throw away.

Plan on taking a couple of weeks to pack your items, and remember it could take you eight weeks  or more to unpack these same boxes at your new home. So even though you are boxing up things for a couple of days during your move, you may not find your item for several weeks if you don’t label your items well.

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