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(Damage claim must be submitted within 3 days of your move)

Once we receive this form we will review the claim and respond to you within 72 hours.
If we don’t respond within 72 hours please call us so we can resolve any issues.

Damage Claims

YOU ARE NOT INSURED by Moving By Marcus. We DO NOT OFFER INSURANCE. You Are Not Purchasing Insurance From Us by using our services.

We do our best to take care of our customers and their belongings but we are not liable unless otherwise stated in our terms and you agree to our terms of service by using our services. Our terms may be updated at any time.

If you want insurance please check with your homeowners or renters insurance to make sure you have coverage that covers your items that are being moved.

Moving By Marcus shall only be liable for damage to items which are “Dropped” by the Workers/Movers. No other damage claims will be awarded and or processed but will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

* ALL Damage Claims – must be submitted within 3 days of your move or they will be denied.

* By sending us a claim you acknowledge that you have read and accept all of our terms.

* We may choose at our own discretion to use 3rd party vendors to make repairs or fix damaged items.

Our damage coverage does not include items in transit – The Rental Truck Facility offers damage waivers that cover your personal items in transit in case of an accident. (Please, talk to the Rental Truck Facility for complete details on damage waivers, Safemove & Safemove Plus)

Transit damage: We do not offer any type of coverage for damage to items in transit. Once we close the door our liability ends. If we unload the items after transit we offer the same coverage as stated in our terms for moving labor services. Some items may shift in transit; it’s what happens in a move. We strive to pack items for the least amount of shifting of the load as possible, however you are responsible to inspect the loading process and supply extra padding and packaging materials if you think it is necessary.

Packing: We use care in packing your items, we cannot foresee damage happening to your items because of our loading service however you are responsible to let us know if you think an item should be loaded in a different way before we stack other items around it.

We offer packing services and we use the best care and materials to protect your items but we do not cover any of these items against damage. We do not cover items in boxes that are self packed. Please write large and clearly if any of your boxes have fragile or breakable items so the can be packed in the truck or container properly.

Inspection: We want to make sure everything is loaded to your satisfaction and we suggest you make several inspections of the load while we are loading your items. Please let us know if you would like us to move an item to a different location before we pack it behind other items, and we will try to accommodate your concerns.

Moving By Marcus Coverage is limited to standard valuation based on $0.30 per pound not to exceed 50% of the cost of your final bill.

Pressed-board, particle board and/or compressed wood furniture are excluded from any coverage because of the nature of the material. Any item with pre-existing damage is excluded. Any item that has been repaired or fixed at anytime after the item was manufactured is not covered. All electronic equipment and appliances are excluded from coverage. Any fitness equipment is excluded from coverage. Any and all items over 200 lbs. are excluded from coverage. Any and ALL items glass, mirror or crystal is excluded from coverage. All items that are made of plastic or any synthetic material or metal are excluded from coverage. Any item made of stone or concrete type material is excluded from coverage. No items with a declared value over $400 are covered.

We use care and are professional but scratches, scuffs and dings to walls, doors, floors, thresholds and your items could happen during the moving process. We will decide on a case by case basis if we will cover these types of damage as it is a normal expectation that some damage will happen in the moving process.

It is your responsibility to ask for added protection for floors, walls or any item you feel necessary and you are responsible to pay for items used for added protection.

We are labor load and unload services, we can try to take your items apart and put them back together but we are not responsible for damages to or that arise from disassembly or re-assembly of any item.

We are not responsible for any personal injury that may arise from our services.

* Please note, that most Home Owners or Renters Insurance Policies cover damage to items, objects, and appliances while being relocated by the Owner of said items.

* Please keep any and all items being claimed until our inspection of the items has been completed, failure to do so will invalidate the claim on said property.

Please be aware: All damage claims must be submitted within 3 days of your move or your claim will be denied.

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